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We express sincerely gratitude to our customers who are always trust us.

For 50 years, We DONGSHIN have not been that chosen an easier way but that a right way for making the best injection molding machine.
We have not been to waver in difficult circumstances because of customers constantly believe us for a long time.

To meet those high expectations, start with lunching of new CI in 2015, and we show new design and improved technology.
We also have been innovated everything by having the mind that unique is competitiveness. We will start 2nd take-off stage after completing new plant in Changwon.

From now, we will do our best to keep the three promises as follows.

First, we will develop customized products suited for needs for the customer and the trend.
2015, we will constantly improve the technology with starting to develop our metal injection molding machine.

Second, we will produce products which are involved excellence, reasonable, beauty.
We will show the competitive products of either to domestic market and to world market by the excellent quality, reasonable price and beautiful design.

Third, we will become the company what is developing the human resource.
We believe the best quality is made by the best people. We will train talented individuals by promoting human resource development.

DONGSHIN’s innovation is never finish. Please, keep an eye on and cheer we up. Thank you.

TEL. +82-051-320-8700, 8800
FAX. +82-051-320-8793
5, Sinhang 7-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

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