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2015. 09. Awarded “Commendation for labor-management cooperation” [Minster of ministry of trade, industry and energy]
2014. 12. Awarded “3rd generation entrepreneurship excellent frim” [Presidential committee on regional development]
2014. 11. Awarded “Grand prize of an executive” [The Korean academic association of business administration]
2014. 10. Awarded “A firm of noble and long standing prize” [Administrator of small and medium business administration]
2014. 02. Awarded “Commendation for merit of energy conservation” [Minster of ministry of trade, industry and energy]
2013. 11. Awarded “Commendation for merit of energy conservation” [Minster of ministry of trade, industry and energy]
2013. 09. Awarded “Bronze tower order of industrial service merit” [Presidential #2503]
2008. 12. Awarded “Jajo medal order of saemaeul service merit” [Presidential #48]
2002. 11. Awarded “Grand prize for management of Korean production” [Korean production and operations management society]
1998. 04. Awarded “Prize for rewarding work in rewarding job
1996. 10. Awarded “Cooperative system prize” [Minister of education]
1995. 06. Awarded “Trade promotion prize” [Korea trade research association]
1994. 10. Awarded “New technique cooperation prize” from the office promotion industry
1993. 11. Awarded “10million dollars export tower”
1992. 09. Awarded “Silver tower industrial medal” for contribution of localization [Presidential#379]
1987. 12. Awarded "Busan industry technology grand prize
1986. 12. Awarded “Successful technical development” [Presidential #176]
1986. 11. Awarded “Excellent mechanical development”
1986. 03. Awarded “Grand prize for new industrial management”


2015. 06. Selected “Excellent employment enterprise” [Busan metropolitan city]
2015. 01. Certified “Representative company of employment of labor” (Ministry of Education)
2014. 12. Selected “The human resources representative company” [Small and medium business administration]
2014. 08. Awarded “Superior company to work for” [Small and medium business corporation]
2013. 12. Certified “Family-friendly company”[Ministry of gender equality & family]
2013. 04. Certified new technology “Valve-less injection molding machine” [Ministry of trade, industry and energy]
2012. 09. Certified “Leading institute of human resource development” [Ministry of employment and labor]
2011. 07. Awarded “Leading employer award”(Busan metropolitan city)
2007. 06. Certified “CE mark” for PRO WD, PRO DIMA series
2007. 05. Selected “Small and medium enterprise of technical innovation
2006. 12. Selected “Leading Company in strategic industry” [Busan metropolitan city]
2005. 09. Certified “Good design mark” for PRO WD, PRO TF series
2000. 06. Certified “New technology venture enterprise”
2000. 02. Certified new technology for “2-plate direct locking system” [Korean agency for technology and standards]
1997. 10. Certified ISO 9001 (KSA-QA)
1996. 11. Certified “NT mark” for new technology (PRO-DIMA) [Small and medium business corporation]
1995. 11. Certified excellent mechanical quality certification “EM” mark (National mechanical technical institute)

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FAX. +82-051-320-8793
5, Sinhang 7-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

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